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Meet Kathy

Kathy understands the importance of economic opportunity, good paying jobs, accessible and affordable health care, and the education and training necessary to prepare people for the jobs of the future. She has spent her life bringing people together to make our community a better place for all, and she is ready to take her skills and determination to Washington to fight for the people of our community and our country. As a U.S. Representative, Kathy will put party aside, put country first and focus on creating economic growth we all share.

Kathy’s Priorities

Kathy cares deeply about this community. Learn more about her priorities.

Affordable Healthcare & Drug Prices

Kathy understands that we need to fix the broken parts of our healthcare system so that every American can get the care they need, including prescription medication at reasonable prices.

Jobs & The Economy

As a business person, Kathy understands the importance of local job creation and economic development.

Quality Education

Getting a good education is the key to building a strong future.

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