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Taking on the tough issues

“My faith and my life experience as a business person, community leader, and mom teach me that our communities thrive when we bring people together to meet our challenges. Now I want to take my 30-year record of solving tough problems to Congress. This is a chance for us to work together and fix a broken Washington. As your representative, I will put party aside, put country first and focus on creating economic growth we all share.” –Kathy

Taking Care of Our Veterans

Kathy believes our heroes deserve access to affordable and excellent continuing education, top-quality and timely health care, and economic opportunities when they come home.

Protecting Our Environment

Kathy believes a strong economy and a healthy environment go hand-in-hand.

Protecting Our Seniors

North Carolina seniors deserve the healthcare and retirement they have earned by working hard and playing by the rules.

Country Over Party

Like so many Americans, Kathy is frustrated with Washington.

Jobs & the Economy

As a business person, Kathy understands the importance of local job creation and economic development.

Affordable Healthcare

Kathy understands that we need to fix the broken parts of our healthcare system so that every American can get the care they need, including prescription medication at reasonable prices.

Quality Education

Getting a good education is the key to building a strong future.

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