April 20, 2018 In The News

NEWS & RECORD: Manning would bring best, brightest to D.C.

When I look toward our leadership in Washington, I am deeply saddened and concerned. To me, this is not a Democrat or a Republican issue — it is a battle for the soul of our beloved country.

We should all seek to elect the brightest, kindest, most creative and principled citizens who will move our country forward, not those who would tear us apart. We have a unique opportunity in the 13th District to elect my longtime friend, Kathy Manning.

I’ve lived in Greensboro for my entire life (except for a 10-year sabbatical at my alma mater, UNC). My father was born here. My grandfather arrived here at the turn of the century. We love this city. We care about making this 13th District and our state one to admire and emulate, not mock.

Aren’t we all tired of being represented by politicians bought by wealthy out-of-state interests? We deserve better.

It’s not hard to imagine that our country could face an unanticipated crisis nationally or internationally in these turbulent times. I am certain we all would want a representative with intelligence, compassion and integrity.

For the sake of our children join me in sending our best and brightest to Washington.

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