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Reducing Special Interest Influence in Politics

  • No Corporate PAC Pledge: Our current Congressman’s voting record shows what happens when a member of Congress listens to special interests instead of the people who elected him. There is too much special interest influence in Washington and not enough listening to North Carolinians. That’s why Kathy has taken a pledge to not accept a single dime of corporate PAC money during her campaign for Congress. She will not be beholden to large corporations and special interest influence. The people of North Carolina are Kathy’s only constituency.
  • Putting a Stop to the Revolving Door: There are too many politicians and lobbyists going through the revolving door of the Washington swamp. Kathy supports legislation that would ban Members of Congress for five years from lobbying.
  • End Citizens United: Corporate special interests are permitted undue influence in our political system through undisclosed and unlimited contributions to super PACs. Washington politicians like our current Congressman put these special interests before the needs of their constituents in order to raise campaign cash. This system must change. That’s why Kathy supports legislation that will end the corrupting impact of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United and that will increase transparency of campaign spending.
  • No Corporate or Taxpayer Funded Trips. If there is really an important fact-finding trip that’s necessary to pass laws that help North Carolina, Kathy will pay her own way – no vacation junkets paid for by your taxes or corporate special interests.
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