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An Economy That Works for all North Carolinians

  • Good Paying Jobs for North Carolina: Kathy understands the importance of job creation and economic development. Kathy has spent her career working to make her community a better place, including helping to spearhead key economic development projects to revitalize downtown Greensboro. She thinks that the last thing our government should do is incentivize American jobs to go overseas. As a new Member of Congress, she’ll ensure our taxpayer dollars go toward supporting jobs here at home, and close tax loopholes that reward corporations that ship jobs overseas.
  • Strong Small Businesses Make Strong Communities: As a business person, Kathy knows that small businesses are the key to creating jobs and helping communities thrive. North Carolina must be an environment for small businesses to compete, grow, and thrive in a 21st century economy. Kathy will work to support programs that help small businesses attract the funding, skilled workforce, and incentives they need to innovate and thrive in North Carolina. 
  • World Class Vocational Education, STEM, and Skills-Based Education and Training: During the Great Recession, Kathy led key efforts to help people in our community get back on their feet through job retraining programs. She understands the first step to bringing good jobs to North Carolina is having a skilled and prepared workforce. As a Member of Congress, Kathy will work to make sure our schools provide the top-quality education our children need to be ready for the jobs of today and the jobs of the future. Kathy will fight for tax credits for employers who increase their spending on training workers through a wide range of programs including apprenticeships programs, community colleges, and technical schools.
  • An Equal Playing Field for North Carolina Workers: The trade deals of the past decimated North Carolina manufacturing, costing us hundreds of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing industry across our state and ruining lives. We have a responsibility to make sure trade deals are fair to American workers and that countries that cheat are required to pay the requisite penalties.
  • Infrastructure: The 13th District includes major interstates I-85, I-40 and I-77, an international airport and several railways. Kathy will fight for investment in our infrastructure to improve our transportation system, increase economic growth in our communities and improve the quality of life. And Kathy opposes the I-77 toll road scheme, which works for foreign interests but not for the people of North Carolina. It’s costly and disruptive.
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