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Keeping North Carolina Safe

  • Commonsense Gun Safety: Kathy grew up in a house with a gun and has always supported the Second Amendment. Her father taught her that with rights come responsibilities, and we have a responsibility to keep our kids and families safe from harm. Partisan politics and special interest influence is preventing politicians from getting anything done to keep our families safe in their schools, homes, businesses, places of worship, and public spaces. As a mother of three, Kathy never wants parents to wonder if their children will be safe when they leave their homes each day. Kathy knows there are commonsense, bipartisan policies that can take steps in the right direction, but there are too few people in Washington with the political courage to do what’s right. Kathy supports comprehensive background checks, closing loopholes for gun show sales, and keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists, domestic abusers, criminals, individuals with mental illness, and those who pose a danger to themselves or others.
  • Access to Mental Health Resources: Nearly two-thirds of all adults experience some type of mental illness in their lives, yet do not receive proper treatment. Kathy will take mental health care seriously and fight to ensure North Carolinians have access to the care they need to keep themselves healthy, both physically and mentally.
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