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Bringing Commonsense Back to Washington

  • Country Over Party: Washington is dysfunctional. Partisan bickering has gotten in the way of getting things done, Congress is lurching from crisis to crisis, and the unlimited money being spent by special interests is having a corrosive effect on legislation and diminishing the American people’s trust in government.  We need new leadership on both sides of the aisle. We need leaders and members who will put party aside, put the interests of the country and the American people first, and work hard and together to address the tough problems that are impacting our communities and the future of our country.
  • Responsible Leadership: Kathy supports legislation like “No Budget, No Pay,” which would prohibit Members of Congress from receiving a paycheck if they don’t get their jobs done. Kathy supports term limits to encourage new leaders and fresh ideas. Kathy also supports saving taxpayer dollars by cutting duplicative and ineffective government programs. Just last year, the Government Accountability Office pointed out over $16 billion dollars in government programs that could be eliminated or changed because they are duplicative of other programs.
  • A Representative Who Listens to North Carolina: Our current Congressman hasn’t held a single, in-person town hall meeting since he was elected.  Instead of listening to the people who elected him, he hired lobbyists as top staffers and has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate special interests in campaign contributions.  His voting record shows that he is doing the bidding of those special interests rather than voting for things that will help the people of our district. As a Member of Congress, Kathy pledges to hold regular, in-person, town hall meetings and listen to the concerns of her constituents to ensure the people of North Carolina are always heard by their elected leaders.
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