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Affordable Healthcare & Lower Prescription Drug Prices

  • Fixing Our Healthcare System: The high cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is a major problem, mostly because Congress is owned by special interests. Kathy Manning won’t take a dime from insurance companies or big drug companies who rig the system so people pay more and get less care in return. Our healthcare system is inefficient, costly, and inaccessible to many. Congress has failed to focus on how to fix this broken system. Kathy will work find solutions that will allow every American to get affordable healthcare, including people with pre-existing conditions and seniors.
  • Lower Prescription Drug Prices: When a chronic illness struck one of her daughters, Kathy experienced firsthand the frustration of fighting with big insurance companies to get the medication her daughter needed. She also learned the outrageous prices drug companies charge for prescription drugs – drugs that could be purchased for half the price in other countries. Kathy will fight to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. Kathy supports allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, examining the role of drug benefit managers in high drug prices, and looking for other ways to make prescription medication more affordable. She will look into shortages of much needed medications and she will go after price gougers.
  • Fixing a Broken System: Kathy believes we must reduce the fragmentation in our healthcare system while emphasizing early detection and preventative care, including encouraging healthier living choices. We must also reduce reliance on expensive emergency room visits by increasing access to doctors and medical professionals.
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