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Supporting Our Veterans & Military Families

  • Protecting Veterans Healthcare: North Carolina’s brave veterans deserve our gratitude and care when they return home. The 13th District is home to many veterans, as well as to the W.G. Hefner Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which provides services to the thousands of veterans located in the Triad region. Kathy believes our heroes deserve access to affordable and excellent continuing education top-quality and timely health care and economic opportunities when they come home.
  • Economic Opportunities for Veterans: Veterans and their families serve our nation and deserve our respect and support once their service is completed. Kathy will fight for policies that support our veterans throughout their transition to civilian life. She’s committed to championing policies that will increase economic opportunity such as the extension and expansion tax credits for employers who prioritize hiring veterans.
  • Protecting Military Families from Payday Lenders: Payday lending was outlawed in North Carolina years ago because it preyed on service members and their families. Now, after thousands of dollars in lobbying efforts and campaign donations, politicians like Congressman Budd are leading the effort to roll back consumer protections that protect working people from these predatory lenders. Kathy will never sell our heroes and their families out for campaign contributions. Instead, she’ll fight to protect military families from predatory payday lenders looking to make a quick buck at their expense.
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